Court Docs Allege More Corruption by Mueller's "Pit Bull" in Manafort Case


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Senior Justice Department prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann arranged a meeting with the Associated Press in April, 2016 to discuss circumstances surrounding Paul Manafort’s case before he was appointed to Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel. According to recent court filings submitted to the Eastern District of Virginia court, the meeting was held during…


I hope the 40 odd people Nunes wants to interview includes many people connected to the Atlantic Council. I’ve read several well written and provocative pieces questioning the interconnection of the AC, DNC, Obama administration, FBI and media. is a well written piece.


I did a little digging on the Atlantic Council. The president of it is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. That is a major red flag.


Wasn’t the meeting in April, 2017? First Paragraph of article states “April 2016” ?


The Atlantic Council?
From a supposed “Blue Star Mom?”
I know a lot of Blue Star Moms, in fact I happen to sleep next to one, and none of them talk crap like this, so no, this is more likely an “Order of the Red Star Troll.”
And ohhh, the sinister Atlantic Council is connected to the CFR?
That’s horrible, why the only thing loyal Americans should do is be involved in shady real estate and money laundering activities with Russian and Ukranian oligarchs, advise repulsive foreign despots, and hold secret meeting with Russian agents, right rubes?
And with you trolls constantly smearing the Atlantic Council, CFR, Orbis, the Brits, Steele, Fusion GPS, the DOJ, FBI, etc., why it’s almost like you want to break up and sow dissension in the North Atlantic Alliance as bad as the Russians do.
Oh well, like I tell your comrades, the supposed “Sanders” trolls on other sites, if we can’t tell the difference between your posts and a Russian troll, we have to assume you’re just another Russian troll.



You know you’re right on target. Our little local shill hates what you say. Whatever our little shill says you can know just the opposite is true.


Old Yeller Interpreted:


It’s pretty hilarious that you accuse those of us who are very anti-socialist of being communist trolls, Just more of your projection for it is you who supports all the socialist/communist/fascist nonsense. The irony surrounding you is very thick, but you’re not self-aware enough to understand.



That just made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the humor. I loved I loved it.


Hey, you trolls forgot to include George Soros, The Trilateral Commission, the Bilderburg Group, the Elders of Zion, Jewish bankers (except for the Kushners, of course) and the Pope of Rome.


You forgot the Old Yeller group.


The late Charles Krauthammer observed that if it could be either conspiracy or incompetence, always go with incompetence. The 7th floor of the FBI tried to help Hillary and their actions helped Trump. The Russians tried to weaken the presumptive next President, and ended up with Trump. Comey leaked to get a Special Counsel, and a formerly respect Mueller picked a gang of the less than respectable. When the incompetent try to conspire, get some popcorn and enjoy the show. Now the Dems want to fall on their sword over the SCOTUS nomination.


Yes, I am a Blue Star Mother of an Army Staff Sgt. and a Marine Staff Sgt. both have/are serving MULTIPLE tours in the Middle East. Thank your son/daughter for their service to our country.
While I disagree with the 99% of your statements, I can do so without accusing you of being a Russian Troll. I think you are just a grumpy old liberal man or lesbian (you said you sleep beside a Blue Star Mom). You can’t discuss issues without being disrespectful and begin name calling. Really, Ye Old Patriot, you need to be respectful to other forum members right to their opinions and observations. We all have opinions, some differ. I have never replied to one of your diatribes by calling you names,or questioning your citizenship, and definitely not your patriotism. Why should you question mine or any of the other commenters you disagree with? Why, do you find it necessary to call people names simply because you have a differing opinion? Open discourse is one of our precious freedoms! You do believe in the freedom of speech, don’t you? The other people on this forum do, and would never deny you of your right.
Another thing I can’t understand is your attitude towards conservative journalists, particularly Sara A. Carter. Your contempt for her is bordering on pathological hatred, and if I were Ms. Carter, I would be concerned as to what will happen when you can no longer find WORDS to convey that hatred. You seem to be putting yourself in the midst of conservative media outlets and it distresses you… Why are you forcing yourself to listen/read conservative news?.This is a form of self harm. What you are doing to yourself is unhealthy when it comes to forcing yourself to listen to/reading conservative journalists and your obsession with Ms. Carter really is cause for concern. You really should speak with someone (family member, clergy, or physician) and ask for help. There are therapies and medications that can help you. I have worked with many, many patients who suffer from self-harming disorders, you simply need to find the courage to ask for help. Do it. If not for yourself, then for your family.




Thank you for your thoughtful post. And thank you for the thought/compassion behind your family’s offering of itself for the good of others. You, all of you, live lives of based upon the golden rule. Thank you for that for in doing so you make the world a better place. I, for one, really appreciate you.

You’re more than generous and kind with Old Yeller. That is a nice thing, but I don’t believe Old Yeller is simply a grumpy old man, or woman. He is a paid troll. He’s is someone who is most likely on George Soros’ payroll paid to seed confusion, disruption, and fear in the general population just like all the rest of the radical leftist/marxist ideologists like antifa, blm, splc, aclu, mockingbird media, etc… If you read his posts he’s right at the very forefront of what the mockingbird media and marxists democrats and rinos spew every day. In other words they all have a common source directing their message. That’s why we see the same message coming from all opposing sources all the time. That doesn’t happen by chance or happenstance. That comes from a centrally adminstered line of command.

Thank you once again for the daily sacrifices you and your family make. You make a difference for good in the world that neither you, nor any of the rest of us, will probably ever fully realize. :us: :two_hearts:


It pretends to be a Veteren
It calls everyone trolls 200-300 times daily
It believes this absolves it of its trollhood
It stalks Sarah mercilessly
It is steeped in delusional Trump hate
It pretends to lay with a blue star mom
It is a professional pecker gnat to all
It Stalks to people very disrespectfully
It doesn’t bathe often

It does lay with a blue star…me so sorry


The implications of the two paragraphs below from Sara’s article are pretty interesting. Someone from the FBI appears to have sat in on that meeting. There’s no other way for them to have taken notes on it. This raises the question: Why was the FBI there taking notes?

Second, the FBI filed a complaint against Weismann for his behavior. The implications of this are pretty staggering. So far all we have seen on the surface from the leadership of the FBI and DOJ is cooperation in illegal activity. Yet here is evidence that at least part of the FBI is following the law instead of some person and is at war with the special counsel’s office. Like I’ve been saying all along there is a whole lot going on behind the surface which we cannot see.


OldPatriot you really need to help me… Seriously… I have no idea if you are a veteran, government service employee, male, female, young, old, Trump or Hillary supporter. I do know is that the image below haunts me every time you respond to a post. It is like a bad record that continues to play over and over and over again.



More like a rabid poodle than a bulldog.

After seeing Stryzok, there is little doubt that the government needs much better and Honest psychiatrists. Most of these creeps are better suited for a Babiak&Hare study than for the administration of justice.