Former FBI Director Comey Consulted with Mueller on Russia Testimony


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A government watchdog group revealed Thursday that former FBI Director James Comey was advised by senior FBI officials to seek Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s advice prior to testifying before “any congressional committee” about President Donald Trump’s campaign and its alleged collusion with Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election, according…


Thank you for your work Sarah. Great reporting. How does this happen in America


When does this EVER rise to a level of action and response on the part of the - ahem - alleged Attorney General of the United States? Waiting for the IG’s report - which was due in December, um January, um February, um March, um April, um May - is running out the clock. Even then!!! - with two investigations by Congress and a referral by the IG, no prosecution on Andrew McCabe - but plenty of court action against Flynn and Manafort.

The one tiny bright spot in all this is watching The Conservative Treehouse pipe down on their mockery of Sara Carter and Gregg Jarrett, whose reporting has been more accurate than the intrigue of CTH, which at one time promoted DAG Rod Rosenstein as one of the good guys. No apologies from them - yet.


Sara, I’m not sure why this is news. We knew Comey met with Mueller’s team before he testified before Congress. No one seemed upset then. Why are people upset now? There is and was nothing wrong with a meeting like this. Especially since it was publicly known that they had met.


The unasked and unanswered question, is why would Comey choose to coordinate with Mueller if he’s going to testify to Congress only about his meetings with Trump. Surely Comey has already testified to Mueller’s team about those meetings, and Trump knows everything about the meetings as well since he was present. So there’s no need to keep anything about those meetings secret from Congress or the people other than any government secrets that were discussed.

If Mueller and Comey are trying to get Trump on an obstruction of justice charge, then they don’t want Comey saying anything that would indicate Trump is innocent of any such charge. Comey’s memos are still partly redacted, so that information is only available to Comey and Mueller. Is Mueller trying to keep that secret because it undermines his attempt to get Trump, or perhaps to cover up Comey crimes?

I’m very disappointed in Mueller after learning of his record. And the same goes for Comey.


Sarah, Thank you for this. When Sean Hannity was repeating your story today I was driving and telling the radio but I think Comey acknowledged this in one of the hearings. He had to of as I would have no way of knowing otherwise. I believe it was the statement he read at the beginning that he sought Mueller’s review.

I still say it is very hinky, that Mueller goes to WH with Rosenstein to apply for Comey’s job. Trump turns him down saying he would prefer to get fresh blood. The very next day Rosenstein appoints him special counsel???
Arguably at the very least Mueller was retaliating against Trump for not getting the job. It begs the question IF Mueller had gotten the job, would there have been a special pros? I think not, since Comey arranged for ( or at least created the self-serving memos with the intent) of Mueller to be special counsel.,


The first FISA warrant was signed on October 19, 2016, the same day as the last Presidential debate. Coincidence? A debate by all accounts won by then candidate Trump.

That same night, The Washington Post online article headlined, “Trump Won the Third Debate”.
“The fact is this is a change election, and Clinton is not the change candidate. People don’t really want to vote for her, and tonight, she didn’t give them much of a reason to do so.” Washington Post

Only a fool would think Comey and Mueller had no communications between themselves. I assume they communicated throughout the campaign.


“The emails, along with news reports, also reveal that Comey met with Mueller prior to his June 8, 2017, testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee…”

PUBLIC AT THE TIME IT HAPPENED . Date May 30th 2017 , Comey and Mueller met.

I am sorry BUT SARA HAS SO MANY ERRORS in here story its sad …


The coup continues against the President, even as the criminal actions of those involved are revealed. Sessions should put an immediate halt to all of the Mueller actions until a full review is done. All persons named should be put on administrative leave pending investigation, with all security credentials suspended till each one is individually interviewed, polygraphed and cleared. The very real and worrisome thing is, just how far will these fanatics go to rid themselves of a legally elected President? Is there nothing that is too extreme for these psychopaths?
It lies with Sessions, cometh the hour, cometh the man. Where is he?


Sessions is part of the insurance policy! President Trump must immediately give written orders to Sessions & ALL within the Executive Branch not performing,

Our President has the power to immediately stop this farce of letting our Executive Branch run amuck!


How can any government employee at DOJ & FBI deny Congress information… is this worst than Hoover.

Does President Trump or anyone really think that these guys will release documents showing their criminal acts. Then, charge themselves, select the prison & lock themselves up?

Check this WTJ report…


The short answer to your question… No, they will stall, stammer, delay and do all that is needed not to release these documents.

Look, we are all fooling ourselves about what will happen to personnel mired within these investigations. Trump supporters think this was a cabal. If this was a cabal, coup, or silent overthrow of the United States government people would be in jail right this moment. By my last count, there is not one person charged, jailed, or indicted for any of these crimes.

So, again you are correct - the federal employees who run the justice system are obviously delaying release of this information to control public opinion. They have no urgency to comply with congressional requests for data. Nor will they willingly implicate themselves in a congressional investigation. They are running the clock out.


You are citing USA today as a source. Is that a joke or could you actually be serious . I hope it is a joke because no one that is informed would use them as a source.


Isn’t it amazing how the elitists that have controlled generations of government and have such a profound effect on what goes on in the ranks? Deception is the ultimate card played on the “commoner.” The great investigative work that you do Sara, as well as the others is an eye opener for the “commoner.”

Sadly, there may be only a few who take the bullet of justice for what’s transpiring but, those “higher echelons” will walk unscathed no matter what is revealed. You see this in everyday life but, at this level of corruption, the elitists say who wins or looses. If we continue to look at the issues with eye blinders on, you miss the “bigger vision” the world banking and govt players have for the future of the world. These events that have been revealed were just fouled up by having less fortunate players in the game not as good as they were hyped up to be and failed the upper echelons of the ladder.

Mass deception and propaganda tactics have been used on the “commoner” for generations and don’t think it will just disappear like smoke in the wind. Once the “commoners” pick up on the game plan, the elitists merely go to the pre arraigned contingency plans. These elitists have billions of dollars and trillions in massed value.
Allowing the lower echelon or “commoners” to set the standard is a fruitless effort.

Money, world power and respect is the ultimate prize that has been being played on the “commoner” because the only purpose the commoner has is to keep the wheel turning by the elitists cadences. The events that have the “commoner” all riled up is all that will become of it. A waste of the commoners time. As long as the “top gun elitists” have the “commoners” pre occupied and stalled out with the drama, the elitists are continuing ahead by leaps and bounds in the bigger picture that the commoners will be living by in the next phases of events.

It’s pretty straightforward, if you stand back at really look at the scope of things transpiring. Keeping the “commoner” preoccupied, by any means available in their simple lifestyles that they live, means the elitists gain a better foothold on the one world banking and govt system which will happen sooner or later.
You may live to see it, and you may not in your lifetime. It’s the plan and is within grasp more so now than ever.

As always Sara, keep up the excellent reporting and research to expose the corruption that is much deeper than what’s allowed to be seen and heard on the propaganda screens on cable news and internet sources.

Best wishes and prayers to all, it’s a rough road to hoe from here on out.


Great reporting. Provokes thought and concern…