Grassley Demands DOJ and FBI Turn Over All Info on Flynn


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The chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee is demanding that the Department of Justice and FBI adhere to requests made over a year ago and turn over all documentation associated with the bureau’s investigation into former National Security Advisor Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Flynn, who plead guilty to…


Sara, what are the implications with regard to Mueller in this situation, i.e. if the 302s were altered and were used as evidence to support the indictment? I’m asking because Mueller was made aware of Peter Strzok by the IG around July of 2017, while the indictment of Flynn didn’t occur until December. Presumably, the IG must have known about the altered 302s by then, but even if he didn’t, it has certainly come to light since then should it be the case that they were altered. As such, Mueller would have to know his indictment and the subsequently coerced guilty plea were based on falsified evidence. Given that the judge is known as the Brady judge and was fairly harsh against the prosecution and associated elements of the FBI (run by no other than Mueller at the time), I would have to believe that he would come down particularly hard on Mueller should such a revelation be made to him. And with Grassley requesting the 302s, I think its fair to say there’s a better than even chance they were altered.

Anything to this? It just seems to me like Mueller knowingly and willfully coerced a guilty plea on an indictment supported by falsified evidence, and if this is the case, the judge should not only throw out the plea and the indictment, with prejudice, but also level some serious sanctions against Mueller himself, as I find it nearly impossible to believe he could plead ignorance.


This is excellent reporting Sara. Why did Grassley wait so long to make this request. It appears the DOJ and FBI are using the special council investigation as legitimate reason not to hand over document.
Sara I know you have many contacts in the rank and file of FBI and DOJ. Why are they silent and not standing up for the FBI and DOJ? They should be speaking out loudly and often about the corruption at the top of their organizations.
I have just about lost all faith in both organizations.


I suspect Grassley’s motives. If he really wanted the data he would have it by now by asserting his authority as Nunes has done. A judge has recently demanded all evidence. Grassley is about to he outdone by the judge. Grassley has been far outdone by Nunes.

I think Mueller’s investigation was set up as a legal blockade to legitimate investigations.


So the theory here is that because the agents interviewing him couldn’t detect that he was lying, that he was lying? So in court you would make that argument? “your Honor, the agents didn’t think he was lying and that is strong evidence that he wasn’t!” That would be laughed out of court in the face of an admission of guilt. He was caught, despite his effective lie to the FBI. Get over it. Hopefully he gets a pardon, right?


Ha, ha, ha.
Hey rubes and Russian trolls, they don’t have to make the case that Flynn was lying to the FBI.
Flynn has already plead guilty to lying to he FBI.
Ha, ha, ha.
And Sara, are you and the House Republicans looking into whether the Army is going to give Lieutenant General Flynn a General Court Martial for his actions?
Stay tuned.


A shame you don’t understand what a false guilty plea obligates the judge to do. And if you’re going to participate here, how about you stop being an ass with the name calling, and debate? This isn’t a huge group, and I’m sure Sara will gladly remove you if you act like the turd we are seeing here now.


Except that there is credible evidence that he did not lie, and that puts certain obligations on the judge. If you understood that, you’d understand why there’s a problem here, not for Flynn but for Mueller.


Sara, a couple of general questions.

A few months ago on Sean Hannity you said one of your sources said we only have 15% of the story. How about regular readers of your column and The Conservative Treehouse? Think we might know 25%??

Second, will we see many people indicted, dozens, or just tokens?

Thank you!


Comey is right to think that his “brothers” in the FBI have his back, as clearly they do. I keep wondering that if the FBI is the paragon of patriotism and virtue, then where are the Whistle Blowers? Where is the outrage within the department for the way these fanatics at the top have sacrificed all for their personal passions? Perhaps the fact that Strozk is still employed there, pulling strings, is an indication that nothing has changed in the FBI, only rearranged. What has happened to Trump and those in his satellite is a powerful warning to any who would dare to oppose the mighty within the deep state. Sessions and Wray are frozen in apparent fear, not patriotism or loyalty to anything, other than their own survival.